Our Plantation Certified Teak Wood Advantage?

BEAUTIFUL—a dense-grained, hardwood with an attractive straight grain; a rich golden brown colour that can be maintained with natural teak oil or when left untreated it will develop a natural, beautiful patina over time, turning an attractive silvery grey.

COMFORTABLE—it’s smooth to the touch and rarely splinters; it remains a neutral temperature on the hottest days.

EASY TO CARE FORlow maintenance even under the most extreme exposure to rain, sun and snow.

SUSTAINABLE—it comes from ecologically managed and sustainable plantations in Indonesia; owned, managed and regulated by the Indonesian government agency responsible for managing a strict policy regarding the size and quantity of trees felled each year together with annual replanting.

WEATHER RESISTANT—it is strong and stable with outstanding resistance to decay and rot; it’s no wonder teak ranks among the most desired woods in the world. Teak is ultra hard-wearing and durable with a naturally oily finish. It is highly resistant to moisture, fire, acid and alkalis.